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But It is not impossible – just different, and more difficult. This blog is going to discuss how a Transport can ship a Car without brakes, and how you can help them achieve it.

So, when you ship a Car that does not have any brakes, the issue is pretty evident: how does it stop? When a Agarwal Car Transport Sartol loads a Car onto their truck, they usually just drive it up the ramp. This is the easiest way of loading and unloading a Car, and the main reason why they hold on to the keys of your Car. But if a Car does not stop, they have to figure out a safe way to get it on and off the Car.

Agarwal Car Transport in Sartol in INDIA will not even bother driving a Car that cannot stop. Instead, They will simply winch it. A winch is used for Cars that cannot move under their own power. And It is exactly what it sounds like – a huge cable attached to (usually) a mechanical winch. This allows the Transport to control the speed of the Car as it is being loaded and unloaded. If a Car cannot brake, They will winch it, just more slowly than usual.

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