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With Agarwal Car Transport in Tambaram in INDIA in an era where going green is the next big thing, a lot of people are thinking about their carbon footprint, including CO2 emissions from their Cars, but really aren’t doing anything about it. Sure, you can go ahead and buy a hybrid, but more still needs to be done in order to offset what the human race has been doing to Mother Nature for the past three hundred years or so. Now, however, the European Car market has finally taken the initiative and is starting to make everything under the hood much greener.

According to Agarwal Car Transport Tambaram, an analyst and consultant firm for the Car motive industry, installing greener, more cost-effective technologies under the hood – as opposed to simply redesigning new cars is the key to higher consumer acceptance, and emission reduction by the manufacturers and OEM parts that help do the same are vital. Carmakers need to rely on their ability to not only make their Cars greener, but they also need to balance that against cost management and they need to find a way to make these green cars more affordable for the consumers. Engine downsizing, turbo charging, direct fuel injection, stop-start systems, electric power steering, low-rolling resistance tires and bio-fuels are critical components of in-car green technologies, but they only do so much to lower emissions.

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